Creative Thinking Workshop-Training at Heratsi High School by Center for Innovation Promotion & Research (CIPR)

“Creative thinking is not an innate gift available only to the chosen ones, but it is a deliberately structured process that can be mastered by anyone.” – CIPR

Yerevan, Armenia Feb. 4, 2019

Contact: Mary H. Boghosian +374 93 300277

Speakers: Elizabeth Keshishyan & Mary H. Boghosian

The Center for Innovation Promotion and Research (CIPR) has delivered a workshop-training at Heratsi High School about creative thinking, its origin, essence, importance and irreplaceable role in our lives.

The goal of the first session was to enhance self-esteem about everyone’s ability to create and think creatively, as well as see connections between unrelated things, connect the lines across different fields of science and take that mindset to their everyday lives.

Second session is coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

The workshop-training series are the first in their kind in Armenia and are aimed at developing our society, leveling up the local culture and increasing the standards of living for everyone.



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